Cookies: An Endangered Species?

According to “The Endangered Cookie“, proposed new legislation could make the common (and generally very useful) cookie extinct:

In trying to kill spyware, the authors drafted a bill with language that questions the legality of using any code to capture and store user information, including most first- and third-party cookies employed in online advertising.

Basically, the bill makes little distinction between bad cookies (such as spyware-type programs) and good cookies (such as ad-server code and legitimate adware).

Definitaly worth keeping an eye on.

2 thoughts to “Cookies: An Endangered Species?”

  1. Damn, it would really suck if cookies were outright banned. I don’t see how it could ever happen – too many browsers, apps, scripts and programs rely on it. What’s needed is just that ‘distinction’ between good and bad cookies’ which is currently lacking. I’m all for killing spyware.

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