Design Patterns: 50 Registration / Sign Up Forms

I just added a new category to my Elements of Design gallery – registration forms. This is a collection of sign-up forms which combine good form design with visual appeal.

As I was looking around the web for examples I found plenty of forms which, while functional, were not particularly pleasing to look at.

I don’t see why aesthetics and functionality/usability can’t coexist, and hopefully these examples (and those that I will continue to add) will encourage future form designers to see what can be done to combine the two.

So, check out the showcase and let me know of any other examples that I should add.

5 thoughts to “Design Patterns: 50 Registration / Sign Up Forms”

  1. 3kolone: I’m with ya. Especially discouraging and frustrating is how different browsers will interpret styling of form elements. A “1px solid #000” border will look one way on radio buttons in IE7, and totally different in Firefox.
    This is a good example of how very different they are without any styling.

  2. #webmajor – it’s not that, this can be done very easily for forms to look the same in different browsers … but it’s boring to work with forms, because sometimes client/designers want a form a kilometer long 😉 with 100 input fields and buttons and features that are not supported yet … for example styling of file input field, browse button … it’s frustrating :-)… that’s all … I don’t like forms and basta ! 🙂

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