Download Free Icons from IconBuffet

IconBuffet’s new ‘Delivery’ service offers you a free download of a sample set of icons each month.

The icons are free to use for commercial or personal use, so there’s no reason not to create a free account and start collecting them. You can use them on your blog, your web site, in software, or for pretty much whatever you want.

You can also send them on to up to five friends, which is a neat idea. Here’s what I got in my first delivery:

IconBuffet free icon set
IconBuffet free icon set

Each icon comes in 16px, 24px and 32px sizes and in a variety of formats (e.g. BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICO) for both Windows and Mac. Of course, you don’t get a complete set – I would imagine 12 icons is probably typical – but what do you expect for free?

Up to a dozen free deliveries are released each month with everyone getting a random set of icons each time. So, if you get a few other people to register you can send each other your icon sets and start amassing quite a collection!

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    IconBuffet’s new “Delivery” service offers you a free download of a sample set of icons or illustration each month. Each month IconBuffet Free Delivery members receive free stock icons. There’s absolutely no cost to you, and the icons are…

  2. Hey, found this through lifehacker, great find! Wish I had joined yesterday so I could have gotten the icons you received, but there’s always next week!!!

  3. Did too! Thanks a ton Christian – the new ones that have come out this week look “sad” – the Taipei Buddies 1 and 2 – I wonder if anyone has Shanghai Tech Vector…

  4. Thanks for the deliveries guys! And if anyone else is reading this post and would like some free icons, post a comment and I’ll fire off a delivery to you too. I have three left at this time.

  5. Does anyone have a delivery of Oslo Finance to give out? If so can I have it?

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