Even Michael Moore is Doing It

Doing what? Blogging, of course. It’s too bad he doesn’t allow comments, but I can understand why. I’m not sure he entirely gets the concept as, along with his blog, he also has “Mike’s letter” – hmmm, looks mighty like a blog to me.

So, now his readers have to look in two places to keep up with what he’s saying.

Actually, if you look at the IA of his site, it is a bit unwieldy. Items that currently have their own pages and presence on the main navigation – such as News and Links – could easily be added to the blog as sidebar items in the form of mini-blogs.


It’s too bad there’s no RSS feed – I see no reason why this would have been omitted.

Sure, I’d like to stay abreast of Mike’s musings, but am I going to check back on his site in order to see if anything new has been posted? No way.

Corporate Blogging

However, the important thing is that he has embraced the idea of blogging and of presenting himself as a real person (not that he didn’t already do this in his movies, of course).

I find the whole idea of presenting the ‘real face’ of a organization or company (corporate or business blogging) very compelling, especially when I am a consumer of the products or services that organization offers.

I love the way it shows that a company (supposedly) values the relationship it has with its customers to such an extent that it wants to open up to them and relate to them in a real and personal sense.

That’s the feeling I get from reading some business blogs.

Health Care Blogs?

I’d love to get the hospital to start blogging in some way, but I can’t think of a way to do it that would be meaningful to readers and would not be stymied through various issues concerning putting medical information online.

Moreover, it goes without saying that it would be hard to find someone in an appropriate position to actually take the time to write the content. Oh well – perhaps in time.

In meantime, nice start Mr. Moore, although time will tell if you are serious about this blogging thing or whether (like the Bush administration hopefully – sorry, couldn’t resist) it is just a flash in the pan.