Faceted Navigation Design Showcase

I’ve been working on improving the faceted navigation interface for one of the websites I manage. Much has been written about faceted navigation (also known as faceted search, faceted browsing, or guided navigation) as a design pattern, which I won’t repeat here.

However, I will summarize by saying that to me faceted navigation represents a user interface technique which lets a user browse items on website by selecting from pre-defined criteria.

I am particularly interested in the different ways that faceted navigation has been implemented — whether it is on ecommerce sites, travel sites, search engines, or elsewhere.

Volkswagen UK faceted navigation design example
Volkswagen UK

It’s surprising the variety of ways that designers have introduced for users to browse and select options from a faceted navigation UI. Which is why I collected together some of the better designed and more interesting examples in a faceted navigation design showcase.

I’m always on the lookout for more examples of well designed faceted navigation techniques, so if you come across any please let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is the stuff! I think I’ll have to study this. A good navigation is a key to a good website. And there’s so many site’s with poor navigation on…

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