Get Paid to Write Reviews

The following is a paid review. I recently joined ReviewMe, a service which enables you to write sponsored reviews about products in return for a payment from advertisers.

Here’s my first sponsored review — of ReviewMe itself.

I have to admit that overall I am wary about the impact of these paid blogging services, as I’ve read that other competitors require you to write positive reviews.

However, ReviewMe specifically states that they do not allow advertisers to require a positive review. So, my ‘moral high ground’ somewhat satisfied, I signed up.

The site itself is straight forward and easy to use, with the typical Web 2.0 stylistic touches (which I happen to like).

You can have multiple blogs within an account, as long as each one meets certain (unknown) traffic and subscriber minimums.

Here’s how my site looks to advertisers. Fortunately for me, I’m on the first page (of 19) of the web development category, so if you want advertisers to see your site, you need to have reasonable traffic, at least.

I did feel that once I’d set up my site there was a distinct feeling of “so, what now?” It’s not clear how I will be informed about new reviews for me to look at — presumably they will be emailed to me.

I haven’t received any yet although I’ve only been a member for a few days. However, that does make me think that I better check my spam filter to make sure any emails haven’t been getting filtered out.

You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of ‘ReviewMe alerts’, but whether or not this includes new reviews, I don’t know. A little direction might not be a bad idea for new signups.

Once you do accept a review you have a certain amount of time to post the review on your site.

You then have to log back into your account and update a form with a link to your review in order to complete the review process.

It’s very simple. In this case I have 48 hours to complete my review and get paid.

And that seems to be it. If it takes off it could be a nice source of additional revenue. Of course, I will be sure to only do the occasional review so as not to alienate my readership.

It’s worth noting that ReviewMe will pay you to review their own service, so if you sign up before the $25,000 they allocated to this runs out, you’ll have at least one guaranteed review to do and get paid for.

3 thoughts to “Get Paid to Write Reviews”

  1. Any chance I could get you to review, provide feedback, and/or adopt a Disclosure Policy linked from your pages?
    I’ve been researching the sponsored post topic since before my investment in PayPerPost and found the blogosphere lacking a common framework for audiences to learn the affiliations and disclosure policies of the blogs they read. This makes it very much like MSM in transparency terms. However, a Disclosure Policy framework (much like Privacy Policy) gives audiences a standard “Disclosure Policy” phrase/link to click and gives a flexible model for diverse bloggers, audiences and media. If bloggers use sponsored posts, affiliate-linked reviews, TLAs they can say so. If audiences can expect them to disclose at the top of posts, on the sidebar, on the bottom of posts, with colors/borders; DPs can say that too.
    Now that you’ve stepped into the world of sponsored posts, I’d love to see how you’d draft a Disclosure Policy to share your affiliations and disclosure policies with existing/new readers. also has forums if you’d like to share with bloggers trying to understand transparency best practices. Any aesthetic feedback on the site appreciated as well.
    Keep up the great blogging!

  2. DP Dan – I took a look at your site and it seems like a very good idea for bloggers who are venturing into the pay-for-post arena.
    I think it’s a great idea to include a disclosure policy and your wizard makes it very easy to create one. Look for one soon on this web site.
    The comment I would make about the site is a (small) usability-related one. When you start creating your own policy, once you hit ‘continue’, on the next page it is replaced by the back button.
    I accidentally clicked on ‘back’ when I meant to continue. I would suggest centering the buttons to make it easier to see which button is which.
    You also have your » on the ‘back’ button going to the right (back ») rather than to the left (« back). You might also consider color coding the buttons so it is more obvious which one does what.
    A lot of comments for something so small — but that’s just me!

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