Great Email plus Landing Page Marketing Campaign

I enjoyed this marketing email I received recently from Paramore|Redd, in particular, how the landing page coordinates with the email campaign to provide a consistent user experience.

Here’s the email:

Paramore|Redd marketing email
Paramore|Redd marketing email

And here’s the landing page it takes you to:

Paramore|Redd email marketing landing page
Paramore|Redd email marketing landing page

There’s not much I would change, except to make the call-to-action on the email more prominent — a button in the same style as the landing page would have worked pretty well here.

Incidentally, the landing page has some great copy on it also:

The lay of the land. This is a guide to help you understand the basics of how to do email marketing the right way. Email marketing is still one of the best tools in your marketing backpack for turning prospects into visitors, and past visitors into regulars. This guide will help you avoid some common mistakes.

In only 56 words it manages to be elegantly written, comprehensive, and understandable all at the same time.

7 thoughts to “Great Email plus Landing Page Marketing Campaign”

  1. That’s a great example of consistency in design. It brings the campaign together well if the email and landing page are similar in style, which ultimately will enhance the user experience overall. Good job emailography & thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The guide above is a great example of how to market using email. We are a website design company that specializes in Web Design for Doctors Only. Come check out our site when you get a chance. Thanks

  3. I agree, it is all very seamless, but then I would expect it to be for a company specialising in Marketing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your post is well written and informative. I see you do web design for Doctors only, do you find yourself limited by only targeting one particular group of professionals? Thanks

  4. Certainly this was not a bit less detail and fact, the totality of the only acceptable design pages in total. I agree with the above presentation. Good article and good luck!

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