Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout

The “First Official Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout” is a very entertaining read. It’s good to see that Andrei Herasimchuk has a sense of humor, as I was beginning to wonder. I can’t wait for round 2.
However, I do take issue with his comment about Keith Robinson being a “self-proclaimed web designer”. As well as being the lead web developer for Seattle Children’s Hospital, Keith is also active in the freelance arena. I don’t see anything “self-proclaimed” about that.
And it is by no means clear to me why Andrei put himself in the “gurus” group and Zeldman in the “bloggers”. To my mind, it should be the other way around.
Still, and entertaining and topical read…

3 thoughts to “Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout”

  1. The “self-proclaimed web designer” is an inside joke between Keith and myself.
    Also, if I switched places with Zeldman, it wouldn’t have been a total knockout. The article is no fun with out a TKO. 8^)
    Funny… considering I got an entire UI Team started from scratch at one of the largest and more prominent software companies in the world, and that I personally worked on the design of products like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, moldiong the strategy that later became the Creative Suite and helping to get the products designed for both major OSes and in 12 or more languages… I thought that would at least get me a seat at the table in the Gurus circle.
    I guess I need to write a boook before that happens, hunh?

  2. Nah, you just need to hone and perfect a holier-than-thou tone and writing style. Oh and get a bunch of cheesy vanity photos taken. Books don’t mean squat…
    p.s. – thanks for sticking up for little-old-me Christian.

  3. Inside joke or not, no one dissez ma homie Keith in public!
    Andrei, I don’t doubt that you have considerable experience and expertize. However, if we go by the dictionary definition of guru that I think applies here…

    “A recognized leader in a field.”

    …one would have to conclude that it is indeed Zeldman and not yourself who is the guru. Or perhaps you are using another definition of the word? 😉

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