How Customer-Focused is Your Web Site?

This tool’s been around for a while, but I just came across the Customer Focus Calculator. It’s a nifty tool for analyzing your web page copy to see whether you’re truly focused on your customer or are still a little too self-involved.

You can also use the tool to test your copy before it goes live, which is never a bad idea. This could also be a good way to tell if your copywriter is worth their hourly rate.

So, how does my home page score? Well, a fairly poor 29% I’m afraid. But then again, it is a personal site, and I am really interesting.

For a real world test, I tried it out on 37 Signals’ Basecamp home page, which scored a respectable 67% rating. Nice job guys.

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13 thoughts to “How Customer-Focused is Your Web Site?”

  1. Wow, nice tool and great since no need to sign-up. I always try to avoid those coming with user accounts.
    Btw do you know of any tools that could help check your website on different browsers.? Thanks in advance.

  2. Its an interesting concept. It would be nice if there was one website that could tell you everything of everything of your website by just supplying a url.

  3. I wouldn’t report the results of this tool to two decimal places. However, it does at least provide some quantitative feedback on an area that is usually very difficult to measure.
    At the very least, it provides a starting point for a conversation about your site’s copy — _”Did you know that our home page has no customer-focused words?”_
    You don’t need numbers to tell you that this is likely to be an issue.

  4. Thank you for making this information available to the rest of us.
    To me, this is an incredibly useful tool. Next, I need to figure out how to convince some of my clients that the home page or web site they have in mind would score a 1.00 and why that’s not a good thing.
    Please, keep’em coming!

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