How to Download Movable Type 2.661

Now that MT3.0 is out getting a copy of MT2.661 has become quite a challenge. Note that I said “a challenge” and not “impossible” – here’s how (thanks to Patrick):

  1. Get a Typekey account
  2. Download the free version of MT
  3. Login to Typekey (if you’re not already)
  4. Choose to download the full version of MT3.0
  5. Cancel the download (unless you want it)
  6. Login to Typekey (if you’re not already)
  7. View “Your Typekey Profile Page”
  8. Choose to download MT2.661

Simple! (er, not).

One thought to “How to Download Movable Type 2.661”

  1. Patrick, yes I think that’s where it was.
    Your post really helped me out but was hard to find so I thought it might be a good idea to recreate it in case others were having the same problems finding MT 2.661.
    Sounds like they are!

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