Is Your Site More Popular with Men or Women?

Have you ever wondered whether more men than women visit your site or what age ranges your site is most popular with? If so, then Microsoft adCenter Labs have the tool for you.

Their Demographics Prediction tool will tell you — based on information culled from MSN Search users — whether your site is more popular with men or women and with what age range.

Here’s the information for this web site:

Smiley Cat website demographics
Smiley Cat website demographics

So, no surprise that is more popular with men than women (60/40 split is how I interpret it), but I’m not sure why the tool is predicting that my site will be most popular with the under 18 age set. I think that the general distribution graph looks more accurate.

It’s also interesting to look at the demographic predictions for particular search terms. This could be quite useful if you are running a pay-per-click ad campaign and want to target your ad copy appropriately.

It’s especially interesting to look at searches for competitor products; for example, “honda pilot” vs. “toyota landcruiser”, “nintendo wii” vs. “playstation 3”, and so on.

[via Occam’s Razor]

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