Keep Your Site SEO Friendly with this 15 Minute Weekly SEO Health Check

Like most website managers, I’m busy. Busy building new features, busy updating content and existing functionality, and busy making sure that everything behind the scenes is working correctly. Unfortunately, when priorities conflict, it is often the less visible activities that lose out.

Which is why I have found this very actionable weekly SEO health checklist to be a great help in ensuring that these critical SEO monitoring activities don’t get lost in the crush of priorities.

I haven’t got my weekly health check down to 15 minutes yet – far from it, as I’m too easily sidetracked by analytics tools – and sometimes I don’t hit all the tasks.

Even so, having a task list like this to follow does mean that I’m able to keep more of an eye on the SEO health of my websites than I would do otherwise.

Here’s a summary of the health check tasks:

1. Google Webmaster Tools

  • Check crawl errors
  • Check index status
  • Review messages

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Check site activity screen
  • Crawl information
  • Check SEO reports

3. Google Analytics Reports

  • Review keywords
  • Review landing pages
  • Review traffic sources
  • Review SEO traffic numbers and engagement

4. Google Analytics Alerts

  • Review Custom Alerts and Automatic Alerts
  • Review other reports as needed

What have I missed? If you perform any other SEO health monitoring activities on a regular basis, let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts to “Keep Your Site SEO Friendly with this 15 Minute Weekly SEO Health Check”

  1. Yep i think if someone check their site with this SEO health check it will be more healthy. Plenty useful and helpful. Like always helpful post and i think every sites need to be healthy with their stuffs.

  2. These pointers are necessary as one can easily check if all the implementations are right for the business and helps to rectify the issue rather than losing the essence of it all. The right specialist makes sure that it is verified regularly

  3. Sure, this tools is help to SEO Process but i did not use Google analysis alerts, i will try this one, thanks for posting

  4. Great article, I also spend so much time running SEO campaigns for our clients, that i rarely have a lot of time to do SEO on our company site, the way I like too.Its smart to go over check list once a week. Great idea…

  5. Hi,
    Yes absolutely true indeed. These small yet the most important check-ups with these tools would surely help your site to be the most seo friendly as possible. I do use all of these for my site. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us!!

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