Letting Go of the Words: Two Free Chapters

If you’re looking for a new book on writing for the web, you might want to check out Letting Go of the Words by Ginny Redish.

From the two free chapters available on her site, the book looks practical, example-filled and easy-to-read. Here’s a common-sense excerpt from the first chapter:

People don’t come to the web to linger over the words. Most uses of the web are for gathering information or doing tasks, not for the pleasure of reading. If your busy web users lose interest or don’t find the information relevant, they’ll stop reading. If they can’t find what they need quickly enough, they’ll leave your site and go elsewhere.

You can’t say this sort of thing enough and so ‘Letting Go of the Words’ is on my wish list (along with Gerry McGovern’s new book, Killer Web Content). Roll on Christmas.

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