LinkedIn Email Makes Great Use of Technology

I really like this LinkedIn email I received recently. I was just checking my mail before starting some work, when before I knew it 20 minutes had flown by while I clicked around on ex-colleagues to see what job moves they had done in the past year that I hadn’t heard about.

Although I try and keep up with my LinkedIn connections, quite a few of them had made changes that I was unaware of. Best of all, a couple who were between jobs when I was last in touch with them are now employed.

LinkedIn personalized email
LinkedIn personalized email

A very clever email, nicely implemented. Good subject line too:

Christian, 84 of your connections changed jobs in 2010

Who could resist opening that email?

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  1. LinkedIn seems to be on the rise, i personally don’t use it that much but i do know of people that have gained relationships and created businesses together from meeting on there.

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