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I like the way that MT3.2 breaks out your templates into different pages – i.e. Indexes, Archives, Aystem and Modules. Makes things very nice and tidy.
However, it’s a real pain that whenever you click on the Templates button in the left nav to view a list of templates, you are taken back to the Index templates page no matter what other template page you’re currently in. Aaagh!!!
It’s little usability annoyances like this that can really get to you after a while.

Fortunately, I discovered that if you click on the “Templates” link in the breadcrumb, it takes you to the template list page for the template type that you’re working on. Problem solved. However, seeing as I only discovered this by accident, I wonder how many other people are aware of this feature.
All it would take to make the breadcrumb trail more useful would be to include the template section that you’re in.
For example, instead of
Main Menu > Weblog Name > Templates > Individual Entry Archive
it would be much more useful to show
Main Menu > Weblog Name > Templates > *Archives* > Individual Entry Archive
I’m sure some bright spark can write a plug-in to do this. Please?
h2. BigTemplateWindow
Speaking of plug-ins, “BigTemplateWindow”: looks like one worth getting. This plug-in customizes the template editing window to provide much more functionality than the default setup.
I’d say it’s worth installing if only for the fact that it enables MT to remember your position within a template and return you to it once you save the template. Very useful if you’re tweaking your style sheets, for instance. Anyway. it has a ton more features and an online demo so you can check it out before you install it.

2 thoughts to “Movable Type Usability Tip”

  1. Hi~
    I found your trackback in MT’s junk folder, so I didnt know yours. Junk reason message was like, “your domainname and IP are not same” ? ( I can’t remember exact message. ) In MT3.2’s junk system, your trackback may be treated like spam… I don’t know what is main cause, just inform you of that.
    And I upgraded BTW to satisfy your demand. However not in MT’s breadcrumb menu, but in BTW’s sidebar menu.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Lee – I installed BTW and it is truly a wonderful plugin. It saves me loads of time when I’m editing my templates, especially my stylesheet.
    Thanks for all your great work!

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