New Website Launched: Bike and the Like

I don’t do much freelance work any more. Mainly because work + family + gaming habit + blog doesn’t leave time for too much else. However, I do have a couple of clients and I recently redesigned the website for one of them — Bike and the Like.

Bike and the Like website
Bike and the Like website

I was pretty happy how it turned out, although I’m not much of a graphic designer and so the header could do with a proper logo.

To save development time, I used a pre-paid template as a framework for the site. However, I was surprised to find that in the end I changed the design of the site so much it really would have been just as efficient to build the site from scratch.

I also used @font-face for the first time with a free font from Font Squirrel for the headings. It was really easy to implement, although if I was building more sites I would be more likely to use Typekit in the future as it has a greater range of fonts to choose from.