Operation Immortality: Your Chance to be Immortal

On October 12, 2008 NCsoft colleague Richard Garriott is going into space. He will be the 6th private citizen to do so. Richard is the vision behind our science fiction MMORPG Tabula Rasa.

To celebrate his trip we asked Richard to take with him an ‘immortality drive’ — an electronic archive of mankind’s greatest achievements, digitized human DNA, and messages from people worldwide.

To promote this event we created the Operation Immortality web site.

Operation Immortality home page
Operation Immortality home page

Due to time constraints we worked with our friends at MindComet to develop the site. We had a little over 4 weeks from concept to launch.

This was an incredibly short timeframe given the functionality that had to be implemented and the high-level of design involved (not to mention a supporting email campaign).

Somehow, we still managed to cram in some usability testing, which led to a previous version of the navigation being scrapped.

The site has an unusual navigation in that it scrolls vertically. The idea is that as your progress through the site your are leaving Earth and traveling up to the International Space Station.

Operation Immortality 'leave a message' page
Operation Immortality ‘leave a message’ page

Anyone can participate in the polls and vote on humanity’s greatest achievements.

To leave a message or win a chance to have your DNA put on the immortality drive you must be a Tabula Rasa player (including free trailers).