A Remarkable Coincidence?

Is it just me or does that navigation for Topix.net look remarkably similar to Doug Bowman’s Sliding Doors of CSS example?
Not that there’s any law against this, although I was disappointed to see that they hadn’t implemented Doug’s technique to make the text in the navigation actually resizable. On a related note, I would go so far as to suggest that text resizing as a whole needs to be looked into on the Topix site.

A Missed Opportunity

So I’m feeling very jealous about not having gone to SxSW, especially after Keith filled me in on all the cool people he met and the fun parties he went to.
There seems to be a general consensus that one of the best things about the conference was the opportunity to meet a bunch of people who you only know in the online sense. As Keith mentioned in an earlier post, the web is built by people for people – I think it’s sometimes easy to forget that.
My only challenge for SxSW ’05 is how to get down there on the company dollar – I’m sure I’ll find a way; after all, I have a whole year to plan.

Movable Type Woes

Ack! I’ve just had to reinstall MT and it’s been a real pain to do. It became necessary after I wrote a post and when I tried to publish it, MT totally crashed on me. Some frantic scouring of the support forums showed me that the likely cause was that I had ran out of space on my web server and as a consequence, my MT database had become corrupted.
I upgraded my web hosting account to solve the first issue, but then couldn’t find a way to repair my database – the only option seemed to be a complete reinstall. So, I exported my entries and saved my custom templates and proceeded through the laborious task of installing MT.
Some gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair later, I had it installed. For a while, I couldn’t work out why no styles or images were showing for the MT screens – I had the right path entered in mt.cfg. Over to the support boards I headed again, to discover that the line in mt.cfg is commented out by default – doh! That is so easy to miss – I wish there was a mention of it in the documentation.
Anyway, finally my installation was up and running and so I reimported my archives…only to discover that for some reason they had only been exported up to mid-January. So now I’ve lost about a third of my posts, including a couple that took quite a bit of time and effort to write – aaagh!!!
Jeez, this is frustrating. It’s almost like starting from scratch again. Oh well, at least this time, there shouldn’t be any more problems [fingers crossed].

Web Content Management Predictions for 2004

Gerry McGovern has some interesting predictions for content in 2004. According to Gerry,

This is the year when web content comes of age. Organizations will slowly stop viewing content as some cost that needs to be managed. Instead, they will begin to see content as an asset that can drive profits and productivity.

Interestingly enough, at the hospital, we’re encountering a number of the points he raises in his article, so for us at least, it looks like his predictions might be dead on.

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