Outlook RSS Newsreader

Update: Although it’s not free ($20 per year subscription), “Attensa for Outlook”:http://www.attensa.com/products/outlook/ looks like a nice alternative to IntraVnews, which I’ve reviewed below. They certainly seem to like it at “Performancing”:http://performancing.com/node/1105.


Bloated Home Pages Increase Travel Site Load Times

Optimizationweek.com has a great speed comparison of three leading travel sites and comes up with some interesting findings. Plus it has a catchy title–Overweight Travel Sites Delay Holiday Travelers–although from an SEO standpoint it would benefit from being a little less cute and a bit more obvious as to what it’s about.
Anway, the fact that the sites’ home pages average about 150kb is pretty scary–don’t they care about dial-up users? I’d never heard of the term “HTTP Compression” before reading this article either–there’s a useful technology that more sites should be using. Maybe they are and I’m just late to the table?