Report Details Most Commonly Used Browser Sizes

Thomas Baekdal has produced a comprehensive report on the actual browser sizes people most use when surfing the web.

This is useful information that is not available from your standard web analytics software (which only records screen resolution).

Baekdal’s conclusions are as follows:

  • Most people surf with their browsers maximized or very close to it.
  • Mac users have bigger screens, but their browsers are the same size as on any other platform.
  • In order to support 95% of your visitors, you should design for a maximum width of 776px.

Of course, this data is taken from 5 web sites and we are not told how many user sessions were involved. However, it’s helpful nonetheless.

3 thoughts to “Report Details Most Commonly Used Browser Sizes”

  1. Interesting. Not sure if you count Mint as “your standard web analytics software” but there is a pepper available called Window width. Window width records your window width and presents the used window width is percents.

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