Review: SEO for Firefox Extension

The following is a paid review.

If you’re serious about search engine optimization and marketing you probably already read Aaron Wall’s blog SEO Book. And if you regularly spend time doing SEO research then you’d be advised to check out an extension he has created — SEO for Firefox.

To quote the extension’s creator:

SEO for Firefox pulls in many useful marketing data points to make it easy get a more holistic view of the competitive landscape of a market right from the search results.

Basically, when you do a search in Yahoo! or Google with the extension turned on (and such is the amount of data the tool pulls in that you are asked to only turn it on when you are actively researching keywords) it adds a couple of rows of links below each search result to a host of information from related sources.

This information includes PageRank, age, number of inbound links (including .edu and .gov), bookmarks, Bloglines subscribers (for blogs), Technorati links, Alexa rank and so on.

Here’s an example:

SEO for Firefox extension screenshot
SEO for Firefox extension screenshot

SEO for Firefox is completely customizable, so you can display as many or few links under each search result as you find useful.

The extension also adds some useful keyword research tools underneath the Google or Yahoo! search box that enable you to do things such as view bids on your search term and see the likely click volumes for it.

I found that SEO for Firefox works really well with the Cooliris Previews extension. If you have Cooliris installed, all you have to do is hover over a link to view an overlay of the page it links to without leaving the page you are on.

This makes it easy to review information for a number of sites without opening a bunch of new windows.

All-in-all, SEO for Firefox is a great tool for search engine marketers and SEO specialists.

4 thoughts to “Review: SEO for Firefox Extension”

  1. Thanks for posting this.
    I’ll definitely try out the SEO for Firefox. Sounds very useful indeed!
    Regarding Cooliris Previews extension for Firefox, I currently use it and would very highly recommend it to any serious web user. It’s been a total time saver for me.

  2. Nice work, Aaron!
    There are tons of SEO Tools out there, I think the point of the extension is the value of not needing to go a web page. It’s the little extra gain in speed and immediacy that tips it past useful to staple.

  3. I’ve been using that extension since the first day. Remarkable features, very stable and time-saving. recommended by me, the ff-webdesigner 🙂 scrutinizer is worse…

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