Rotating Text with CSS

If you look up you’ll notice I made a small update to the way dates are presented in my headings. It’s not a big change, but I wanted to include the year without increasing the height of the date stamp.

Rotating text to the rescue! Following Jonathan Snook’s article it was easy to implement the few lines of CSS necessary to make this adjustment.

Getting it to look right in IE7 and IE8 was a different matter. In the end I used the *:first-child+html hack for IE7 and the 9 hack for IE 8.

I realize that I should replace these hacks with conditional comments (should I?), but for now they’ll suffice. Also, with a little more research it looks like this IE7/8 hack would have been more elegant.

One thought to “Rotating Text with CSS”

  1. it’s showing great in Chrome. Thanks for the magical css, at least for the link.

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