RSS and Multiple Computers

I like to read my favorite blogs via their RSS feeds. However, because I sometimes read them on my computer at work, my desktop at home and on my laptop, I am rapidly discovering that my reading experience is being diminished by the hassle of keeping all my feeds in sync.

I’ve been using IntraVnews for a while because it integrates with Outlook, but I’m beginning to think that a web-based RSS reader is the way to go.

And in fact, although I like Bloglines a lot, my start page on the web is my “My Yahoo!” page, and so I’m thinking that their new RSS module is the solution for me.

My only concern is that it is in beta and that they might can it. There again, Google News has been in beta for a couple of years or more, and they feature it prominently on their home page, so maybe it’s not such an issue after all.

So now I have my news headlines, my movie schedules, my stock quotes, my weather, my calendar, and my RSS feeds all on one page. And that suits me pretty well.

Desktop apps are all well and good, but when you are have multiple desktops, you need to go back to the web in order to regain some sense of order and consistency.

Sidenote: the RSS plugin for Firefox is totally sweet, but I just seem to prefer browsing with Avant Browser for some reason. I must be mad…