Save Ink by Cleaning Up Web Pages Before Printing Them

Isn’t it a pain that when you print a web page you often have to include a lot of stuff — like advertising — that you don’t want?

Even the printable version of Mapquest driving directions (which are otherwise rather good) includes a large full-color ad. Thanks a lot for wasting my ink.

Fortunately, there’s a way to remove these annoying elements from a web page before you print it out.

I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but my preferred method uses the excellent Aardvark Firefox extension and the Remove It Permanently Firefox extension.

  1. Start Aardvark (right click and press “Y”).
  2. Mouse over the offending object on the page and press “K” to ‘kill’ it.
  3. Press “Q” to quit Aardvark and print out your nice clean page.

A handy way to save both ink and paper.

5 thoughts to “Save Ink by Cleaning Up Web Pages Before Printing Them”

  1. Been doing that for ages…
    I just can’t quite get a finger on why blogs, online-magazines, etc. won’t go an extra mile for a proper print version of the page or even format a CSS for print.

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