Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

In a previous post I recommended an SEO tool called Good Keywords. Recently, however, I found a piece of software that does everything that Good Keywords does and a whole lot more, and best of all, it’s free!

(Full disclosure: the very fully featured basic version is free. Enhanced versions require you to pony up some cash).

Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Web CEO (silly name, great product).

Web CEO is actually an integrated suite of 10 programs you can use to promote your site in search engines, maintain your web site and analyze your web site traffic.

I’ll just highlight a few of the features I particularly like, but as the basic edition is free, go ahead and check it out for yourself.

Keyword Research

Web CEO makes it easy for me to see which keyword phrases searchers are using and also how popular they are on other sites. The objective: find a keyword phrase that relatively few competitors are using.

For example, in a recent piece of keyword research I discovered that for the phrase “intranet software” there were 412 searches per day with approximately 53,000 competitor sites using that phrase.

For the phrase “intranet design” there were 191 daily searches with 3 million competitors sites using the phrase.

From that it’s pretty easy to know which phrase to focus on including in your web site content.

Link Popularity

It’s common knowledge that search engines include the number of sites that link to yours in their algorithm.

Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on this number (and also that of your competitors) and work to increase it.

Web CEO makes checking your link popularity on multiple search engines child’s play. It also shows you which sites link to you and how many links you have on each site.

Search Engine Optimization

Web CEO will automatically run an analysis of how well your pages are optimized for particular keyword phrases.

Through the analysis and accompanying recommendations, you can quickly see where and how you can tune your site for better search engine rankings.

And, like all of their tools, you can compare your results to that of your competitors.

Other Features

I haven’t even talked about the tools such as search engine submission (manual or automatic), search engine ranking monitoring, and the web site auditor.

This is truly an excellent tool for any webmaster who wants to improve their SEO. Run, don’t walk, to the download page.