Shopping Cart Design Showcase

In doing research for some ecommerce work I wanted to see how online retailers approached the layout of different types of store pages.

Perhaps my Google skills were lacking, but I couldn’t find any examples of where someone else had done something similar. I’ve seen showcases of shopping cart icons and add to cart icons, but nothing where the layout of a whole page is examined.

So, I thought I’d create a showcase of great (or at least good-to-great) shopping cart page design.

Mia and Maggie shopping cart
Mia and Maggie shopping cart

It certainly wasn’t easy to find as many examples as I did. There are lots of examples of bad shopping cart design. Lots.

Even when the rest of the site may be really nicely designed, the shopping cart page often feels like an afterthought or something that has been thrown together without much concern for the overall presentation of the page.

Which is surprising to me as this page is so critical to the customer purchase process.

Of course, it’s worth noting that I have no idea whether the shopping cart pages I’ve singled out actually convert better than ones I’ve passed over. Maybe not.

However, it’s fair to say that they certainly look a lot better from a customer standpoint.

It’s also true that shopping cart pages by their very nature – part web app, part marketing page, part customer support tool – are very hard to design well.

Hopefully, my shopping cart design showcase will help other designers see what approaches may work best.

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