Smiley Cat Web Stats

There have been a couple of posts (Andy Budd, Whitespace) recently about stats, so in response to that, I thought I’d post some stats for my site for December 2003.

My web host actually provides three types of web stats, but these are from Awstats as I find them to be the easiest to read.


In December I had 2,059 unique visitors who made 2,985 unique visits and viewed a total of 9,864 pages. 91.3% of my visitors were on Windows with 5.1% on a Mac. 88.6% of visitors used IE, 3.1% were on Mozilla, and 1.9% viewed my site with Safari.

Search Engines

Of visits via search engines, 75% came from Google, 10.3% were from Yahoo! and 2% were from AltaVista. Well, it’s a good job my site is optimized for Google (or is there some sort of chicken and egg thing going on there?).

Search Phrases

Now the fun bit. My most popular search phrase was “smiley” (14.3%) – hmm, bet I get a lot of business from those folks.

About 23% of visits were via various iterations of the search phrase “internet explorer tabbed browsing” (thanks to this post).

5.4% of visits were via the phrase “professional web design” – hurray! This is one of the phrases for which my site is optimized. And so on…


Lastly, of the visits I got from pages that link to my site, 3.5% came from one single web designer directory. I have to admit that I never seriously expected to get any traffic from those types of sites, so I stand corrected.