Social Media Coffeebreak: How to go Viral on Pinterest & Use Memes to Build Backlinks

I particularly enjoyed a couple of recent posts on the SEOMoz blog — the first about how to go viral on Pinterest and drive a bunch of traffic to your site, and the second on how to use internet memes to build backlinks and traffic.

I haven’t tried either of the methods outlined in these posts, but they do offer solid, practical advice for using these vehicles to drive traffic and links.

I will definitely post when my first ‘instructographic’ makes it to the popular page of Pinterest!

8 thoughts to “Social Media Coffeebreak: How to go Viral on Pinterest & Use Memes to Build Backlinks”

  1. Colby’s article is excellent I’d agree and I think he’s right that Pinterest is here to stay for a few years at least. Personally though, I look at the home page of Pinterest and just don’t get it. I think it’s a Marmite type of site – you’ll love it or hate it. Think I like my structured data too much – too much of a geek I think.

  2. I have red a survey that pinterest is the third largest social media site in USA after facebook and twitter and i have visited it, but i can’t understand how it can help us in our business and to increase our traffic? can you please explain its technicalities deeply.

  3. Pinterest is going to be huge!
    Pinterest is currently in the honeymoon period indulging all they hype, they could get big, very big…we will wait and see!

  4. I am looking forward to your review of Pinterest and memes once you try them. Especially the memes have a a strong following on Facebook and other social networking sites that allow you to post pictures, and once it starts spreading, your website you wish to promote would get the traffic you require quite easily. My only reservation with regards to these is that people on social networks see a lot of posts in a few minutes, and unless the meme really captivates them, they would probably overlook any link to a website. This is only my perception, it is not proven or anything. But still, they would help spread the word about the website and some clicks would surely follow.

  5. Pinterest offers a lot of great advantages that could help a lot on all types of companies, from retailers to providers of web design. And this indeed help us in a big way. It allows people to create theme-based boards where they ‘pin’ images of things that they find interesting. The images then can pass your messages across a lot better. You can have do-follow links in your images. These will bring you targeted Web traffic and they will help in your SEO campaign. There are a lot of great features you can explore through this method. Thanks for bringing this up and hope this makes sense!

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