The Best Web Design Commercial Ever

I was browsing YouTube today looking at what was posted under “web design” and I came across the best web design advert ever. “Check it out”:

Props to fellow Englishman “Dan Hale”: for putting himself in-front of the world and for his innovative approach to promoting his web design services.

12 thoughts to “The Best Web Design Commercial Ever”

  1. Anyone else find it funny that his “splash page” is all tricked out in Flash, and the index itself features animated gifs and falling snowflakes?

  2. *All* – it’s clear that Dan’s been reading 37 Signals’ “Keeping it Real”.
    Who needs fancy graphics when you can just write your web site URL on a piece of paper and stick it infront of the camera? Genius!

  3. While I see your point, I think there is a line between keeping it real and sending the wrong message.
    How many potential clients would see this and think “I hope his web pages are not like his comercials…”
    I see it as no different than handing out torn pieces of paper with your name, number, url instead of business cards.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a hater, I thought that was incredibly stupid. If that is the “best web design advert ever”, then web designers should hand their collective heads in shame…

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