Tips for Writing Good Page Title Tags

High Rankings has some good tips for writing search engine friendly page title tags.

Two recommendations stand out for me.
Keep your page titles to less than 64 characters:

On their results pages, most search engines use a page’s title tag as the first line in a site’s description. Typically, Google truncates titles somewhere between character 63 and 67.

In other words, any characters beyond that limit don’t appear on the blue, linked title of your search description. Instead, Google replaces remaining characters with ellipses (…).

As a result, you should try to complete your “thought” — that is, write a compelling line of text — within about 64 characters (including spaces).

Start with your keyword phrases rather than your company name:

In general, it’s fine to include your company name in your titles, but
unless that name is both extremely popular and extremely competitive,
it should be near the end of the title tag.