Top 15 Smashing Magazine Articles

I’m a big fan of Smashing Magazine and appreciate the time and effort that goes into researching and writing their often exhaustive posts on web design tools, resources and techniques.

However, I’m sure there are some people who are not familiar with the site, so I thought I’d post a list of their top 10 articles based on bookmarks:

  1. 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without
  2. 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding
  3. CSS-Based Forms: Modern Solutions
  4. 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen
  5. 35 Designers x 5 Questions
  6. Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, Ruby…
  7. 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006
  8. 30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes
  9. Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More
  10. Online Generators
  11. Free Design Templates
  12. 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs
  13. 45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs
  14. CSS-Based Navigation Menus: Modern Solutions
  15. 19 More Free Quality Fonts
  16. Bonus: Oh, and if that lot wasn’t enough, coming in at #16 is 42 Design/Tech Magazines To Read.

Thanks Vitaly and Sven — keep up the good work!

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