Top 5 Open Source Content Management Systems

Packt, an IT book publisher, is holding a contest to find the “best open source CMS”: After 6 weeks of voting they’re down to five finalists:

* “Drupal”:
* “e107”:
* “Joomla!”:
* “Plone”:
* “Xoops”:
You can learn more about these or any other CMS at “CMS Matrix”:

5 thoughts to “Top 5 Open Source Content Management Systems”

  1. Do they all provide validated code?
    I’ve only used Drupal from that lot & have been very impressed by it. In fact I’m trying to work a solution around it where I can just hand a cd and a few simple instructions to friends (who just “want a website” but have no clue what it will contain).
    Would be very interested to hear some feedback from Smiley Cat readers 🙂

  2. Well I’m not that good in PHP programming, and it took me a while to get used to CMS Made Simple. Now I got a got hand on it, and every time I check on how are made other well rated CMS I find them so differente one from other that I’m completly discourage to switch.
    Any way, like mattyod, I would be very interested to hear some feedback from someone who’s good at programming, and who has really experienced programming with all of them.
    Good one people !

  3. While I can’t comment on these ones in particular, creating valid code has become more of a standard in modern CMS’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were XHTML 1.0 compliant.
    Of course, there’s a difference between creating valid code and creating _good_ code — there’s not much point in having code that validates if it is chock full of unnecessary divs and classes.

  4. Having used Jomla, I must say that I have been impressed not only by the power of the product but, very importantly, the user community that exists around the product. With a huge range of add-ons, Joomla has proved to be a very powerful CMS.

  5. I’ve used Joomla/Mambo quite a few times, and I liked it at first, but then proved to be a headache with customizing. I was also told that the security on it was very vulnerable.
    Plone is a great tool but takes alot of getting used to.

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