Track Visitor Behavior on Your Site for Free

Still waiting for that Google Analytics account that never seems to arrive? Well, here’s an alternative option to consider.

It seems that ClickTracks is feeling Google’s heat as they’ve just released a free version of their own analytics software, called ClickTracks Appetizer.

This is a pared down version of their regular analytics software, and unlike Google Analytics is not a hosted solution. You download the ClickTracks software and then import your site’s log files into it in order for them to be analyzed.

ClickTrack differs from other, more traditional, analytics tools in that it displays visitors click paths through your site. You can quickly see which links were the most popular on each page, and so on.

Google Analytics does have similar functionality, although in a more stripped down form.

If you’re not comfortable downloading your log files, then this product is likely not for you. Also, it’s less suited for blogs than more static sites due to the constantly changing nature of their content.

If you would like to know more about your visitors’ click paths but find the concept of downloading software somewhat antiquated, then ClickTracks has a hosted solution starting at $49.00 per month.

6 thoughts to “Track Visitor Behavior on Your Site for Free”

  1. *Jordan* – I hear what you’re saying. Fortunately, I was able to get a Google Analytics account, and it certainly is a great service, especially for free.
    But I have no idea how quickly they are giving out additional accounts, so an alternative is definitely a good option.
    There’s always “Measure Map”, but they’ve been in private beta for ever…

  2. Hmm… now that Measure Map is owned by google, I’ll probably need an invitation for that also. 😉 Mint would seem like a good option, but there’s the cost in that.

  3. “CrazyEgg” looks like it could have potential too – if it’s reasonably priced and full-featured, it could put a serious dent in ClickTracks’ business.

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