UIE Podcast on Experience Design is Worth a Listen

For some reason, there aren’t too many design-related podcasts. For the longest time there was only “Boagworld”:http://boagworld.com/ which I never really took to.
Well, now there’s the “Josh & Jared Show”:http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/audio/ from the folks at UIE, which covers topics related to the world of experience design.

Episode One aired last month, and was a fairly promising start with a discussions on a variety of topics from tagging to the nature of information architecture.
They’re also looking for plenty of feedback and questions to help drive the direction of the show.
However, although you can supposedly post your questions as comments to their blog, it’s not clear where exactly they are supposed to be posted. Randomly to any entry? I can’t seem to find an individual entry for each podcast episode — am I missing something?
Anyway, I hope their podcasting frequency is more than their stated “every few weeks”, which is too infrequent to build much of a loyal listener-base.
Surely I’m not the only person who is craving more design and usability-related podcasts?

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