Using Cartoons to Get Your Message Across

I’ve been thinking about ways to educate my business stakeholders about what technology decision makers are looking for in web content. There’s lots of good research available, such as What Technology Buyers Want You to Know About Online Content.

However, given the many demands on the time of my internal customers, I’m looking at how to convey the key takeaways without requiring them to read a lengthy report (which they will likely scan at best).

So, taking a cue from usability blog OK/Cancel, I thought I’d try something a bit more visually engaging.

Here are the 6 main points from the report I mentioned above:

Pet peeves about online content cartoon
Pet peeves about online content cartoon

I could easily see this turn into something I emailed out on a regular basis — going into more detail about individual topics — or built into a presentation that actually might hold people’s attention.

Plus, it was a lot more fun to create than a regular report or presentation.

Sidenote: I used the online comic strip creator service ToonDoo to create the cartoon. It was really easy and took less than half an hour.

5 thoughts to “Using Cartoons to Get Your Message Across”

  1. This is really a great idea, and as we have all seen, you only need stick figures to capture attention. I think this would make blogging a lot more fun for those of us with more artistic (and less writing) skills 🙂
    ToonDo is a neat idea too, But I’d rather see original chicken scratches from my favorite bloggers.

  2. I do this alot for my clients, but haven’t so far used an actual comic strip (hmmm why is that, I should give that a whirl, instead I have created scenes that illustrate the message the customer needs to get across.
    I have some 1950s and 60s advertising scrapbooks, they are gorgeous by the way, and I noticed that the majority of the advertising and packaging at that time was through illustration and comics rather than using photography, whereas nowadays we have swung the other way.
    Time for a revival I say!

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