Wanted: Web Designers

Like Eris, I get way more inquiries than I can handle, even after I added some general pricing info on my site to weed out potential customers whose budget didn’t match my fee range and people who’s inquiries really weren’t that serious.

I hate to send these customers off to a web design shop who wouldn’t know web standards if they came up and bit them on the arse when there are so many great web designers out there who I know could do a bang-up job.

Unlike Eris, I don’t have the time to project manage any additional gigs; I would rather just pass the inquiry on to someone else who I could trust to do a good job.

Consequently, I’m interested in putting together a list of web designers, some or all of whom I could pass on to a potential client for the client to follow up on.

All I would ask for in return is a 5% finder’s fee should your bid for the project be successful. Sound reasonable?

If anyone out there is interested, email me or leave a comment to that effect. You must have a portfolio of at least a couple of sites so that I know what you’re capable of.

Please feel free to pass on this request to anyone else you know who might be interested.

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