Web Design and Related Email Newsletters

Although I get most of my web design news and information via my trusty Bloglines RSS feeds, I do subscribe to several email newsletters. In case anyone is interested in being overloaded with even more information here’s my pick of the crop:

Web Design

  • Web Design Update
    This is a great resource on a variety of topics (14 in the last one), from accessibility to XML.
  • The WebReference Update
    I get the semi-weekly version, which, although it often has links to articles I have already read, often has useful nuggets or links to something I would have otherwise missed.
  • SitePoint Newsletters
    I get all three newsletters and find regularly find them a good read. I’ve often found references to tools or techniques that I now wonder how I’d do without.


  • Alertbox Update by Jacob Nielsen
    Nielsen hasn’t heard of RSS yet, so this is the best way to keep up with his pronouncements and prognostications (aside from the fact that whenever he posts something it gets linked to from all over the place).

Writing For the Web

  • New Thinking by Gerry McGovern
    An essential weekly read for anyone interested in writing for the web.
  • Excess Voice by Nick Usborne
    Another good web writing newsletter. As well as his main article, Nick includes reader surveys and reviews of related products.

Search Engine Optimization

  • High Rankings by Jill Whalen
    This is an essential read for anyone interested in separating the myth from the fact regarding search engine optimization as well as for staying current with the latest news and trends.

Web Marketing

  • Marketing Profs newsletter
    Covers a variety of topics, including branding, SEO, SEM and web writing to name a few.
  • Marketing Experiments Research Brief
    The Marketing Experiments team test different web marketing techniques using real-world case studies. This monthly newsletter provides a useful insight into what works and what doesn’t. After all, 99% of web sites are business tools – shouldn’t they be treated as such?
  • Grokdotcom newsletter
    Bi-weekly newsletter about driving more traffic to your web site. Often has very practical ideas and real-world case studies.

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