Web Design Site Rankings: July 2004

Back in January, just for fun I posted an unscientific traffic ranking table of web design sites (blogs, largely) to see how popular some of the sites were that I enjoyed on a regular basis. Well, I thought it was time to do an update.

PositionWeb SiteAlexa Ranking% Change
1 (1)A List Apart11,887+7.2%
2 (3)Simon Willison27,580+10.1%
3 (2)Zeldman34,018-25.9%
5 (6)Eric Meyer44,1620.0%
6 (-)Signal vs. Noise44,687n/a
7 (9)Mezzoblue48,783+25.0%
8 (11)Stop Design54,766+29.3%
9 (5)Digital Web55,472-27.4%
10 (7)Dive Into Mark62,700-30.1%
11 (16)Whitespace68,679+53.3%
12 (15)Simple Bits74,931+44.5%
13 (8)Boxes and Arrows75,865-20.9%
14 (10)Measure Twice93,347-36.4%
15 (-)Design By Fire94,511n/a
16 (17)Asterisk95,038+35.8%
17 (14)What Do I Know109,529-6.3%
18 (-)hicksdesign126,462n/a
19 (13)A Whole Lotta Nothing139,330-19.2%
20 (12)Textism157,468-46.3%
21 (20)Andy Budd175,121+50.0%
22 (19)Web Graphics179,735+13.3%

What’s interesting about this table is that it ties in quite well with the comments that Scrivs received to his post on The Influencers. Some of the ‘new influencers’ are definitely making their mark in ’04.

2 thoughts to “Web Design Site Rankings: July 2004”

  1. Andy – no way man, you’re up 50% in 6 months. The way things are going, others will drop off the chart before you.
    Anyway, I reserve the right to extend the list should I feel the need to do so – it wouldn’t do to lose 1/3 of the British contingent, would it?!

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