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A recent entry over at Whitespace about site stats (which I can’t link directly to as I can find it and the site has no search) got me to thinking about which web design blogs are the most popular.

Thanks to the magic of Alexa and the Good Keywords software app, here is my list of most popular web design blogs:

(Please note that this unscientific survey is based largely on the sites that I visit and includes a couple of non-blogs which I thought were worth including. Let me know if I have missed any obvious sites).

Position Web Site Alexa Ranking
1 A List Apart 12,814
2 Zeldman 27,013
3 Simon Willison 30,946
4 Kottke 40,553
5 Digital Web 43,557
6 Eric Meyer 43,983
7 Dive Into Mark 47,945
8 Boxes and Arrows 62,752
9 Mezzoblue 64,964
10 Measure Twice 68,415
11 Stop Design 77,473
12 Textism 107,654
13 A Whole Lotta Nothing 116,894
14 What Do I Know 116,896
15 Simple Bits 134,982
16 Whitespace 147,013
17 Asterisk 148,091
18 Brainstorms and Raves 169,507
19 Web Graphics 207,226
20 Andy Budd 349,966
21 Hive Logic 466,558

For the record, my own site comes in at a lowly 525,747.

3 thoughts to “Web Design Site Rankings”

  1. The numbers represent the overall ranking of your site by Alexa in terms of traffic out of all of those on the web (woo). According to Alexa:
    “Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users…The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data.”
    So, it’s only based on people who have the Alexa toolbar downloaded, but given that supposedly they number in their ‘millions’, it should be reasonably accurate. Plus, it’s the only way to get a common view of all sites.
    Rather than focus on exact numbers, I would look at the rankings in general and the trend for your site over the months – is it up or down, for example. It’s a nice, quick way to get a sense of where you fit in the grand scheme of things.

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