When Stock Photography Goes Bad

Virgin Money’s online service login page is currently sporting what has to be the ugliest ‘smiley person’ stock photo that I’ve seen in a while.

Is that supposed to be a smile? Even the blending in with the background is extremely poorly done.

I like the fact that it’s positioned above a security alert about protecting your information online — from the photo I’d guess that the recommendation is to write down your passwords on a notepad.

12 thoughts to “When Stock Photography Goes Bad”

  1. For an Australian Government website I am involved in designing the original designers used a stock image of Americans (did not look like Australians) as the front page graphic. We had to change it seeing it is Australian etc

  2. Maybe the webdesigner got some sweet loving for using the picture of the crazy girl… 🙂

  3. That is rather dire. That looks like a 6-year-old child cut and paste job in Paint, and that’s not even discussing the content of the image itself…
    Well spotted.

  4. Egads! …and, oh no!
    Looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine when she’s trying to remember her passwords.
    Thanks for supplying this chuckle into my day!
    Ah, the over-dependence on the Magic Wand tool. I suppose you’d expect such a prominent site to have better standards than that. Quick! Someone whip-up a better one and send it with your resumé! HA!

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