Write a Web Design Article and Win $1000

The following is a paid article. Please note: my time is being paid for but my opinions are my own.

Web site [Re]Encoded is running a competition for the best web design or web development article, with a grand prize of $1000.

They are also offering second and third place prizes along with a prize for the article of the week until the competition ends on October 26.

As an added incentive to promote their contest, if you write about the competition on your own web site and let them know, they will place a banner of your choice on an article being entered into the competition.

I hadn’t come across [Re]Encoded before writing this post, and it appears to be a relatively new site (the domain has only been live for 8 months).

The web design blogging space is getting pretty crowded these days, so running a competition like this — with a decent first prize — is a great way to get some visibility and kick-start your readership. If you can foot the bill, that is.

Anyway, the competition started on August 26 and runs for two months, so there’s plenty of time to come up with a great post.

And if you’re struggling for ideas about what to write, check out one of the many sites that collect together articles on different subjects. Ezine Articles – web design category is a good place to start.