50+ Examples of Highly Optimized Landing Page Design

Landing pages are a critical component of many online marketing activities, such as pay per click, email, and affiliate marketing. Much has been written about how best to design landing pages; just do a search for “landing page best practices” to see what I mean.

However, it’s less easy to find examples of great landing page design, which is why I gathered together this showcase of well designed landing pages (50+ examples and counting).

BigCommerce landing page design example

It’s worth noting that as home pages are important landing pages, many are designed with landing page best practices in mind – for example, 3DCart, SmugMug.

I’ve kept my collection of landing pages to ones that are specifically designed to support an online campaign (generally PPC) and cannot be accessed via regular website navigation.

Groupon landing page design example

I have also deliberately not linked to the landing pages I’ve showcased so as not to cause problems for their web analytics.

View the landing page design showcase.

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23 thoughts to “50+ Examples of Highly Optimized Landing Page Design”

  1. I dunno, landing pages seem to come in play only on traffic exchange or some other payed for traffic.
    As i see it, most traffic comes from important search engines and they choose their own landing page.

  2. I think the effectiveness of a website landing page has changed a little. But I do think the specialty of that page is a great place to utilize some more creativity. And many of these have that nice combination of design and seo.

  3. This is definitely a great roundup of solid landing pages, but I’d like to see more examples of pages used by e-commerce sites. Most of these example pages are for companies that offer some app or service.

  4. The landing page is the one of the important page of any website. we have designed our site index page in very efficient way that not hurt visitors and search engines.

  5. Very nice and well explained.. I agree with you the more you use it the more you are fascinated by how much it is capable of. I have use wordpress for years now and I see the power of CMS on handling not just three to four transactions at a time but more than you could hardly imagine

  6. Yeah – this is getting to be a really popular topic. Have you seen any of the stuff that marketing experiments does? Really interesting studies of landing page optimization techniques.
    Solid post – thanks for arranging those resources.

  7. Excellent collection of landing pages ! No matter what other people say, those pages have a crucial importance when comes to PPC campains. There are people out there that built their business almost exclusively on PPC campains. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  8. Landing page becomes important to prove the effectiveness of online advertising. Your collections of landing pages are excellent.

  9. Landing pages are very much important for all websites and it needs to be better than the other pages. In most cases the landing pages are homepage and the navigation and design or the page needs to be better.

  10. all those examples are also great examples for CRO best practices… almost all of them are very well optimized for higher conversions… thanks for them again

  11. Some great examples here, definitely a lot of emphasis on both colour and those all important calls to action! Thanks for compiling the collection 🙂 I am definitely bookmarking it for the next time I go to brainstorm some CRO ideas!

  12. Very nice examples. Simple and to point. We encourage domain owners to take advantage of their subdomains which can be use as a landing page.

  13. This is definitely a great roundup of solid landing pages, but I’d like to see more examples of pages used by e-commerce sites. Most of these example pages are for companies that offer some app or service.

  14. Landing Pages was one of our biggest challenges on our website. To see how much info is needed. We wanted to make it very easy for people to use. Good ideas and design solutions.

  15. Nowadays, it’s critical to design a great landing page. From my experience, we used landing pages exclusively for pay per click advertising on Adwords or Adcenter. Most importantly, a landing page must be designed around an SEO perspective. If a landing page is poorly designed without any or enough SEO elements, the client could experienced an unnecessary increased in PPC ad spend.
    Basically, a PPC optimized landing page must have these basic elements:
    1. keyword specific title, headline, and ad copy
    2. terms of service, privacy, contact us
    Good luck!

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