Great Example of Customer-centric Leadership

I recently registered a domain at Namecheap for a new side project. The cost was reasonable and the process was easy. 👍

But what particularly impressed me was the email I received the following day from the Namecheap CEO:

Welcome email from Namecheap CEO

The content and tone of the email did a great job of putting me at ease about my new purchase.

I liked the fact that it was sent from the CEO, and that the email address used was ceofeedback@ instead of noreply@, meaning that I could reply to the email and expect that my response would reach a real person (maybe even the CEO himself).

I am impressed when business leaders make themselves prominently available to their customers like this. It makes me feel that they actually do care about their customer experience, and also that they have the confidence to visibly stand by the product or service that they offer.

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