How to Convert Popup Windows to Tabs in Google Chrome

Some websites (e.g., Gmail) create popup windows in Chrome without displaying the menubar, which means that you don’t have access to any of the usual Chrome menubar functionality.

Recently I wanted to use an extension on a Chrome popup window, but I struggled as I could not figure out how to make the menubar display.

Google Chrome popup window example
Google Chrome popup window without menubar

Fortunately, there’s actually an easy way to do this in Google Chrome:

1. Make sure the popup window is positioned in the foreground with the main Chrome window behind it with the menubar visible.

Popup window displaying over main browser window
Google Chrome popup displaying over main browser window

2. In the menubar, click on Window > Show As Tab

Google Chrome show as tab menu
Google Chrome “Show As Tab” menu option

3. Hey presto! The popup window has been converted to a tab in a new regular browser window. Now you have access to all the regular Chrome browser functionality, such as extensions, etc.

Google Chrome popup converted to tab
Google Chrome popup converted to a tab

For an extra level of organization, click on the new tab and drag it into the row of tabs on your main browser window and it will be added there.

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